What Makes Jay-Z’s New Album 4:44 Special?

So, what makes Jay-Z new 4:44 album so special? I’m seeing a lot of thoughts on social media about it, and how there are some who are saying that: “JAY-Z is trying so hard to uplift the people by spitting knowledge? And that he’s doing something that people have been needing for a long time? Especially someone like him with his platform, and for you to PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE BACK LASHING.”

What you see above is a quote from something that, I seen posted and thought I’d share my thoughts on it. First off, Jay-Z is naught doing something that is naught already being did by some recording artist when it comes to spitting knowledge in the music right now. There are many who been doing it, and still doing it so that I find to be either ones own blindness, and being somewhere other than in reality, or their just speaking on it just for attention purposes, which is fine, but that to me, is naught coming real with it.

For this particular opinionated assumption that, Jay-Z is now doing something that the people have been needing for a long time is just that, an opinion. But, naught only is it an opinion, but also can be seen as an illusion filled one at that. Have I listened to the album yet? Nope. Will I? I might, but here’s the thing. I find it really disrespectful and undermining to try to pretend like dude is back to save the day when it comes to Hip Hop when it comes to his new album 4:44.

Now, I know why this was said, it was in relation to something that is brewing right now when it comes to another mainstream recording being in disagreement to what Jay-Z said in his bars. Who? Lil Boosie “Bad A**.” Why? Well, from what I’ve heard, it’s all due to another artist’s thoughts on what Jay-Z had to say in reference to rapper, and those who choose to emulate what they are seeing their favorite projecting nowadays who like to put money up to they’re ear, which basically is saying if you don’t know the lingo that: “Money Talk,” but in these days it could mean anything.

But yea, from what I know thus far that is why we are seeing so many thoughts and talk right now when it comes to why you have some who are now deciding to come to the aid of Jay-Z in defense to why he is now being looked at as such the hero and savior for the people in the hood, and the state of Hip Hop.

Boosie “Bad A**” is saying that, what Jay-Z talking about when it comes to the money holding to ones ear he feels is cool, and its southern culture and that statement in Jay-Z’s bars don’t apply to him or the south saying that: “Jay not gone stop our culture in Louisiana, and his word ain’t bond.” Now, after I watched the video of Boosie “Bad A**,” I found a reason to be able to agree to disagree with his reason to why he ain’t buying what Jay-Z said in one of his bars, but I also stand to disagree as well.


There’s some picture’s that, I saw that also come to the aid of Jay-Z on why he said what he said in his bars. And there’s a reason for me, to also agree to disagree with him as well. The point is….. is that, no matter what I may think and or have to say as well as what others have to say in the end, it all draws back to you the listener, and how one allows what Rap and Hip Hop recording artist’s say to affect their decisions on whose right, and whose wrong. And to be honest from my point of view in this case both are right just as well as there are some things that, I disagree with and have my reasons to why I choose to do so.

Does my opinion count or matter? To me, and some who choose to support my thoughts in music yes, it does and I give a perfect reason to why, but to others who enjoy their egos stroked, and told what they want to hear; they may beg to differ. But here’s what I totally am against. I’m against people “Listeners” of both Rap and Hip Hop nowadays who pop off at their thoughts of trying to sugarcoat the situation as if other rap recording artist, whether they be on a mainstream status and platform or underground, it’s really deceptive and shows a sign of one being brainwashed as well as one being seen as someone who is easily fooled to believe that, Jay-Z is now doing something that the people have been in dire need of when it comes to Rap and Hip Hop. Rap Artist Speaks On Saving the The Culture of Rap

Please, that’s what you call someone who can easily be swayed, and tricked. Here’s another part of the problem. Some of you just are too busy supporting those who are putting out crap Rap and horrible Hip Hop, but would try to say that both are dead, and that all the music now sounds the same. Wrong!!!!!!

There is Rap and Hip Hop artist who are, and have been putting out music filled with KNOWLEDGE in hopes that you, the music listeners would take the time to pay a bit more attention and know that, we are hard at work, and doing it without a major record label who would be in support of our creative workings.

Y’all wanna blame somebody blame yourselves, because y’all are the listeners and consumers that these artist’s depend on to help give them free promotion and expo that helps them reach others, and that is part of business and marketing. Nothing wrong with that, except the fact that, y’all tend to support some of the wrong ones, and that is your choice, but don’t try to act like there is naught other artist’s who are kicking real knowledge in their lyrics and music In These Days Of Tyme that’s just as raw if naught rawer.

Some of you show favoritism, and involving money as a way of downplaying other artist’s work who are struggling. But you know what? Artist like me just allow my work to speak, and y’all can pretend all you want like there isn’t Rap and Hip hop artist who are breathing life back into both. We are the ones who are in everyday life struggling just like you, the one who puts more energy into supporting those who basically are already set, got money and could really care less about you or me.

Now don’t get it twisted, I still listen to some of Jay-Z’s music, and just had a song playing of Lil Boosie “Bad a**” playing called: “I need You” Is this my way of showing to take sides? ask yourself.

I’m naught only a recording artist, but I’m also a listener too, and what I’m feeling, I will play, and what I’m naught, I won’t be listening to nor supporting. I’m just a real conscious artist who knows the difference. Do I agree with the one whose words I’m quoting? sure I do, but my problem with them is naught about all of what they said, but how they chose to deliver truth mixed with lies, I agree to disagree with some of what both spoke on.

My problem isn’t with Jay-Z or Lil Boosie “Bad A**,” it’s with those who try to pretend and make it as if there isn’t other artist’s who are spitting knowledge on and off the mic, so how can you twist ya thoughts in saying that the people have been in dire need of what Jay-z has put in his new album 4:44? Trying to make it like somebody hating on him, and all that mess; na….what it is that, some of y’all just programmed.

Anyway, I’ll leave y’all with this last quote and then y’all decide, I’m out. And I’ll leave y’all with the last of what was said, and then you decide.

When A Chief Speaks

“Why don’t you want people to stop supporting the things that keep them in an ignorant place….is it because you are the person doing it and you make money off of people’s ignorance and misfortune ? ….

I’m looking at all these celebrities now who want to put money up to they ear in protest of his album….mind you he’s the billionaire not them….so I think I’ll take my financial advice from the billionaire ….sounds a whole lot better than a million.”

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