What Does Faith Mean To You?

Wanted to touch on the powerful word: “Faith,” and what it means to you, and how it could possible help others coming from you. So, what I’ve come to see is that; faith is what is shown naught only for self, but even for others as well. A faithfulness to some type of trust in or a promise to or from someone else; a loyalty to a person; honesty, and truthfulness.

Now, if this is the case; how does the above examples set with you, and do you think it is being shown how it should In These Day’z of Tyme? Are you allowing it to be projected from self to others more fluently?

The Bible even has scriptures in it about having faith. “And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”

Now, for the mind that chooses to be one tracked, and limit ones analyzing and comprehension skills to think about what being said, and asked, they would only be able to see that quote for what it is, and that is their choice. but what about you? What do you get from it?

I mean yea, of course I know what it means to me, and what I get and see, but it’s naught just about me, and I think that, that is a part of the problem nowadays, naught enough taking on the challenging of the mind for one to be able to see things from a much more broader and higher horizon, and to me, that is setting a limit on self in itself is it naught? I’m just trying to rebuild the connection, and Communication ya feel me?

And here’s a good one for you o ponder on: “Is it possible for oneself to have more faith in someone else than self? 🤔Hmmm….. is that even possible you might ask. Hey, just giving you, the reader and my other readers something to ponder on, and think about that one normally doesn’t, or do you?🤨

Anyhow, this gone be a short one, but  I welcome you to comment and share your thoughts on this especially the Bible thumpers, Holy Ghost getters, every Sunday Church goers hallelujah Sayers, thank you Jesus, and God type people who tend to always be saying these type of sayings, but somehow in the same breath show that, it possibly just rolls off they’re tongues loosely as if it was a trend for their own purpose.

And to be blunt, and I really think that some just be playing, and using Jesus, and God’s names as a front straight pretending, and I have proof to that.

This isn’t about me, judging; this is clearly about speaking on what it is, and what is being projected from people for oneself to see.

I’m naught the only one asking, and who has asked the question to: “Why everybody keep playing with God?” And that goes for Jesus’s name too. And why the inspiration sent from to, and threw is being used in a ill way, and accepted as if it’s okay?😕

Like,comment and share your thoughts, I would love and enjoy hearing from ya on this subject topic Faith.

Peace and many blessings.

When A Chief Speaks

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