Angry Black Man Walking In The Street In Kalamazoo Pt 1

Angry Brother Man Walking In Street Traffic The One Of Many Issues In Kalamazoo

Remember the song: “Always Into Something” by NWA? Well, you already know if you know me, and why I do what I do; #CantHelpButBe you feel me? Well, I’m back like I left something to once again show and administer why I am Chief Adam the Great X, and how I show to #GiveIt2EmRaw and like no other.
Yep, we have yet another situation that took place Sunday that I was actually able to see, and kinda catch while on the move throughout Kalamazoo. This is a part one of 2 video, which basically I’m touching on much of what I been touching on, but I haven’t did a post or video content to send out lately, so here y’all go.
Can’t help but move when the Spirit moves one’s mind to do so. What was the chances of me seeing what I seen?  Coincidence? The battle of the mind is real and people can turn a blind eye to it if you want, but the reality is….. that it is taking place, and it’s happening with friends, family, in relationships etc.
My thoughts, your views and opinions matter, just as long as you coming with some sense along with reason. Now, you may hear and or have heard or may naught have about the situation, I’m just putting something together for the people, the real people who take my work serious in hopes to spark the mind on the much that’s taking place, and what we all somehow facing #IntheseDayzOfTyme, issues that eventually we have to face, because we can no longer can ignore the battle of the mind.
When A Chief Speaks Through Knowledge And Music
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