Dash-Cam Video Released In Fiery Crash That Killed 5 People

So, I see that people have again failed to realize how important it is to pay attention as well as be mindful and respect the laws beyond the laws. And what are those laws? The laws of the universal energy, gravity, nature and the new solar ellipse. What does that have to do with this you might say? I yield on going into that, but here’s the thing. Did I just naught do a post about a week ago about a fatal car collision crash that happened on Woodward, and Kalamazoo Avenue? If you go back and read that post, you will see some thoughts that, I had in concern to this clear pattern in these horrible car crashes.
And now here we go again with another one, but this time, it wasn’t one but 5 people dead? And that doesn’t bother you? And nine times outta 10, it probably was some more youngsters flying up East-main like that, at a high-speed of 100.
Why? Well, as they investigate they will eventually give you the details, but for now based off of my own knowledge of, due to me knowing how that life in the fast-lane of the streets is, I have my own idea to why.
Reckless running, but what is the cause of it all you might ask? Don’t play games with your own mind. I’m pretty sure if you are pretty good at analyzing and comprehending you can kinda see already where I’m coming from when touching on the possible cause of it all.
No? Well let’s see, possible partying, which means possible drugs, and alcohol would be involved, which then leads to what? One plus one equals two right? But, I am naught saying that, this is the case, it could be something totally opposite, I’m just saying that, if you are seeing this from a logical, and reasonable street aspect point of view, you would clearly use logic’s in this situation, and naught assume, and see what you want to see. I know the street life.
Now, after watching the video for myself, and looking at it thoroughly, and listening to what under Sheriff Paul Maytas addressed on the situation, I noticed him saying that, it has already reached social media, and people are already speculating and making claims to who was possibly in the car, and that the township police officer was responsible due to possible chase in pursuit, which lead to the car crashing. That is naught the case in this situation from what I watch, but watch it for yourself, and see what you see.
The video shows proof to otherwise by showing a visual miles away from the car, because the officer ceased to engage in pursuit by chase, and shows this all the way up to the point where you will see the cruiser pull over, and the car already off the road, and up in flames.
Under Sheriff Paul Maytas also stated that, they possibly died on impact, and then the car went up in flames. Now, the only thing that I heard that was in error was what under Sheriff Paul Maytas did say if I heard him right, which was the mentioning of 3 people dying instead of 5? But, please don’t go into conspiracy mode on this; understand that we do tend to make error when addressing things. We are naught perfect, but this is also why I say, it is important to be paying better attention.
Just horrible, and tragic, and the thing about it they would’ve hurt or killed others in the process speeding like this. It’s really messed up, because you have people who are getting behind the wheel of these automobiles doing what they want to do, damaging people’s property, destroying public property like street poles, and signs crashing into buildings etc. Naught only that, and even worse is the fact that, in the end those who are dying like this leave forever scarring on and with their family.  Now, am I lying? You gone tell me, that you haven’t seen this with your own eyes while driving and you see a sign bent to the ground? No? I got one for you, go down park street near K-pep right there at Walnut, and you’ll see an example for yourself if they haven’t already fixed it. And #CanUImagine the pain and grieving of those loved ones of those who are dying these horrible deaths?
And you wonder why they are coming up with all these new laws to govern. They have to do it in order to protect the interest of the public, and protect you from you if that makes sense. People, especially the young ones like this, are being programmed to act careless, be careless, and navigate recklessly. Partying hard, drugged out with these new gen drugs, and topped off with the alcohol right along with the demonic music frequencies being transmitted is a Very dangerous combination would you say naught?
This is the reality that we all are surrounded with, and if you are naught working on your own focus, pushing towards building a better relationship with the Creator (God) and better communicating with your family, and whatever friends that you may have who you truly love and care about, and doing your due diligence to making them aware to how important it is to be exercising the same. Then, you risk being subject to less shielding and protection on a spiritual level, and the results could end up like this, and or self getting caught up in the middle just by naught paying attention while driving among-st those who are out here at 1 o’clock in the morning speeding.
You can overlook what I am making time to type, and post if you want, but the reality is, is that it doesn’t change the FACTS that, what I am touching on is relevant, and I’m showing to give a damn enough to have any type of thoughts on it. Why? Because awareness is for everybody, but naught for everyone. People are clearly showing to just naught care about things anymore until they are directly affected when they are forced to pay attention.Condoning is acceptance to the Un acceptable.
So, my point in doing this post is to again touch on yet another senseless horrible car crash in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and how it is way more than meets thee eye. See, like you, but in a different way I travel throughout these streets/highways, and I’ve seen how people act while under the wheel, and being reckless minded all at the same time naught realizing that they naught only have their own life in the hands of others, but they too even have the lives of others in their hands as well when behind the wheel of any automobile, and or vehicle for that matter. Living in a careless world of people that’s what we all are faced with, and have to in a way like it or naught, but have to deal with some way some how.
Have you naught realized the real fact that, you are loosing your children, we our loosing our (The Future) as well as slowly crippling our freedoms due to nonsense? Or has it naught registered yet. Do you realize that, you allow your children to go out, hangout, and affiliate with; as well as placed what is supposed to be precious, of value and worth (Their Life) in the presence, and hands of others just so they can feel like they cool, hip, down, hard, grown and got it all figured out?
You just let them go ahead and mess up and let them self destruct without at least saying something by simple communication and awareness of the possible when going out into the jungle without any guidance what’s so ever. Your silence is acceptance in the eyes of the wicked agents of Satan, which is something deeper and darker, because it deals in, and with the spirit.
My sincerest condolences go out to the family and friends of those whose lives were lost and affected by this horrible, and fatal fatality like crash. I’m gone leave it here, but what are your thoughts on this, and the patterns. Leave a comment on this, and a little information that, you may have come across on this situation if possible. Stay focused, on point and as safe as possible when driving, and or traveling people, and always remember; offense, and defense,  I’m out.
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