Some People In Positions Are Pretending

Here are the thoughts of #theartist4thepeople on this day. Allow me to get straight to it. Have you ever experienced someone who is supposed to be and act professional who tends to show attitude, anger through expression in a social status? I have and yep you have people out here doing it. here’s the thing. I don’t think that, it’s the world nor the system that’s screwed up, and I’m naught saying that, it can’t be because in a sense, it is to a degree. But! In order for something to become screwed up, it takes something and or someone who has control of something for something to in up that way: (SCREWED UP).
And in all honesty, the possible truth is…. I think that it clearly shows to be some of the people who are placed in the positions that hold major responsibilities and duties who are the one’s who are screwed up. I’m pretty sure that, if you are one who are reading this who can relate to what I’m saying, you are able to, because I’m pretty sure that you’ve either seen, and or have had an experience be it with family and friends, and or having to deal with people out in the world be it a restaurant, office building employee, manager or even when dealing with some of these organizations, departments (Government) etc.
Some of these people you can naught tell me, have naught shown to act and show that since they have a certain position of some type of authority; they show to act as if they can say, look and talk to you any type of way without they themselves being held accountable for their actions do they naught?
You probably just went through this yesterday didn’t you? Are these type of people pretending? Could this be true? Is it possible that, people are pointing the finger, and blaming the wrong ones? Well, I don’t know about you, but no one can tell me otherwise until they’ve gone through a process of being traumatized like I have, I’ve been done, and been through, and trust me, I’ve had dealings and encounters with many people, their jacked up attitudes, power tripping, carnal minded as well as their uncontrolled emotions, feelings and bogus behaviors.
So who am I to say such? Easy! I am one with the most experience in a certain area (Pick One) who probably has the been through what Many of these people out here who you see complaining, and or acting on and off social media (especially) on Facebook claim to. Why? Because in reality; they know what they have and have naught been through, but the question is…… what have they actually been through in order for what they say and do to be recognized, and seen as certified? Can they relate? Many are just looking to be seen, recognized and acknowledged because the way I see it, they’ve yet to really face and or go through nor face major life threatening obstacles nor have a standing to much of what you or I may have been through, but yet have the nerve to act and talk like you making things difficult for them and now that gives them a reason to get ugly with you? I think naught.
Why do some people do what they project to do? Why would people get into positions of power, and then pretend? Me personally, I think it’s for the lust, and or road to opportunity, opportunity to possibly obtain that certain feel to be certified, and accepted? the Battle of the Mind?
Fame? Maybe, maybe naught, but that’s what I see everyday all day In these Dayz of Tyme. I’m telling you, the mess is truly nerve wrecking, and stressful because being and knowing who I am, what I stand for, and really been through is by far naught perfect and or how the saying goes: “A walk in the park.” And to allow and or accept any of what I see going on when I know it’s wrong clearly would naught be who I claim to be, which is someone who can see through a lot of the bullshhhh…. that be going on, Rilla.
So much to say, but in the same breath it’s hard to stay focused and find the time throughout the day to express what truly needs to be said and expressed. This is where my knowledge and music comes to play a big part in my life as a recording artist, and music producer, but naught only that, one who can say that, he is seasoned enough to touch on, and deliver whatever message that needs to be delivered and like no other as a co-creator of divine thoughts through one’s works, now prove otherwise.
No one knows how it feels unless they know. And me being me, I’m the type to challenge you whomever you may be, but humbly 😉 on whether you truly know or naught.
People can act however they choose, and choose to see self as and whoever they feel, that’s your right. But the reality is….. is that, there are those who are out here really going through a whole lot more than some people can and could ever care less or imagine. And at the same time, you have those who are pretending as if they know how it feels, and what it’s like to face major hardships in this game called life. #CanUImagine the #BattleoftheMind?
When A Chief Speaks
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