Why My Ambitions In The Art Runs Deeper

I make it very clear that, I have no interest in horn tooting like many do. There is no need for me to brag, though I’ve earned my fair share of bragging rights when it comes to doing this music, and video productions.
My ambitions truly run deep, because of naught only my love for music, and the creative arts, but also showing how important it is to me, as a man and artist who contributes to the two cultures rap and Hip Hop.
What I post for you, whomever the visitor/reader may be. Is more of my workings that are clearly musically divine with much power for ones ears and the mind.
Below is a song and video clip of a track done, and song that will either be on my upcoming music for the mind CD called: “#Certified” and or the “#BattleoftheMind’, which is in the mix and making coming straight from the kuttz of Kzoo.
As I carry the title Zoorilla, one who shows to hold his own, and always has no matter what the case may have been. No matter how much those show to secretly hate, hold down, mock the struggle, pretend, and keep projecting that falsehood, and they know who they are. I’m a keep bringing it like no other, and like I should.

My Ambitions And Reason Are Much Deeper

It’s my ambitions to naught only say, but also show that, I paid a different price if we gone talk about money buying and or paying for anything when it comes to this music game.
This is naught about who’s better, and who doing the best. for me, it’s more about what some can’t see to be, which is purpose.
All the grand standing fat man talk sways me, naught to follow any man who shows to naught be what is truly needed in this music game, and that’s one who dares to bring nonstop content that is original and unique, and naught shuck and jive mess.
Anyway, I hope that you find this work  from #TheArtist4thePeople Aquimini Productions style interesting, and I welcome you to leave a comment on the beat and lyrical flow of Chief Adam the Great X, because regardless of what they may say; whether it’s digged or naught.
There are those who know where I’m coming from, and can relate to what’s Rilla.
This katt who cleary reps for Kzoo been earned his respect, and this is why I keep Kzoo, and the Midwest alive and poppin’ my way with my creativeness.
Good, bad and ugly, I still go hard for Kalamazoo as a born leader, continuing to elevate beyond those who just love to secretly bite and hate, but swear they love ya.
Peace and many blessings to the eye’s that are able to see.
When A Chief Speaks
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