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About the Artist 4 the People Adam the Great X

Recording Artist

Hello world, my name is….. Adam and hopefully you’ll stick around for awhile to find out why “The Great, and the X” is attached. This is the about page for Adam the Great X, and It was very important to me, as an artist to have my own place and space to “Voice” my thoughts, so here I am. Sharing with you some of my creativeness as a writer, rap recordings as an artist, and record producer, which you can also catch on reverb nation. I’ve come a very long way while going through my own fair share of struggles, hardships and pain.

Very well known for my ability to draw, and build. And when it comes to my Spiritual side, that also is something I exercise. I come from, and have been around music and lovers of music and sound all my life. Guess it was meant when I was introduced to the rap and hip hop music making action game in 1995-96. I know the street life, and all of it’s attachments. The good, the bad and especially the ugly sides of it. When it comes to the city I represent (Kzoo) should I consider self as a victim? The product? Either way, the most high Supreme Almighty God was with ya guy throughout it all….

Now, I strive as learner in order to teach, educate, as well as be a father, son, friend, lover, and conservative voice of and for some of what was written before me. A bit anti-social in some cases, and always been a fighter, and Soul Survivor in this game of life. Now, get ready for the visual dope of the artist 4 the people who ministers Knowledge and Music for awareness. Ready for what I might have to say, and offer? Something said, and listened to just may help esteem, empower and elevate you.

What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.

Mathew 10:27

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